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Our Mission is to get your supplement Really work for your body.

The bioavailability is the central notion of all supplements world. No matter how good the ingredients are, they need to be delivered to the blood, not to the stomach or skin. 

Our scientists found the solution. 

The original C-Flex Liposomal technology provides the natural ingredients delivery through the skin just to the blood. 

We put the best and century proven ingredients into liposomal form and made the spray – 6 times more effective then the ordinary cream.

Where do we get our ingredients?

Ginkgo is from Japan and China

Turmeric is from India

Arnica - France and Northern Italy

Laurus Nobilis - Spain and Morocco

Sophora Japonica is from - China and Japan

Hamamellis Viginana (Witch Hazel) is US born. 

Our Liposomes are made in Switzerland and they are the best in the market.

You can find out what the liposomes are from this link: 

All of our products are free of parabens.

You can be sure that only the best natural ingredients and absolutely safe components are delivered to you with our spray. 

Bioavailability, only natural ingredients and safety is the key to long term effectiveness.